The House

This page will have shortcuts to theory mixed with how-to’s how to tune your house to be mean and green. Generally this page is a short index of other pages. It will be slow start from absolutely incorrect angle but if you have some patience, more important stuff will follow.

For starters – if you need to switch something on or off read why relays are good. If you agree with all of that and have configured relays, its time to do something useful with them.

Really easy example  Рhow to switch your house outdoor lights on and off according to the sunrise and sunset.

Before tuning heating system it would be nice to figure out what is balance temperature of your house. Next thing to think about is the heating curve.

Now read about temperature data collection and also how to connect adapter and sensors. Then get sensors up and running.

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I should put here info about how to collect and aggregate temperature data soon. It is just a reminder for myself.

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