Toyota 22RE engine torque settings

Applies to Toyota Pickup, 4Runner, Hilux + few more models and also Volkswagen Taro which use the 22R and 22RE engines.

Torque settingsLbFtNm
Spark plugs 11-15 max1520,3
Fuel filter banko bolts (EFI only)2229,8
Oxygen sensor nuts1419,0
Intake manifold bolts/nuts1419,0
Exhaust manifold bolts/nuts3344,7
Camshaft bearing cap bolts1419,0
Cylinder head bolts 3-4 steps in specific sequence5878,6
Camshaft sprocket bolt5878,6
Crankshaft pulley bolt116157,3
Timing chain cover 8mm bolts912,2
Timing chain cover 10mm bolts2939,3
Oil pan bolts 1985 on912,2
Oil pump bolt A1824,4
Oil pump bolt B1419,0
Oil pump bolt C912,2
Oil pickup tube912,2
Valve cover4,335,9
Main bearing cap bolts 3-4steps in sequence incl. Loosening76103,1
Connecting rod cap nuts 1987 on5169,2
Thermostat housing cover bolts1419,0
Water pump to block bolts1317,6
Throttle body nuts/bolts1317,6
Cold start injector tube banko bolts1317,6
Pressure regulator locknut 1985 on2229,8
Fuel rail bolts 1985 on1419,0

Few more settings which are not engine related.

Torque settingsLbxFTNm
Wheel lug nuts 65-87 max87118,0
Front wheel adjusting nut (initial torque!) 4WD 1984 on4358,3